Awaken the Artist Within; Rick Sammon’s New DVD Offers Adobe Photoshop CS/CS2 Lessons

Have you ever wanted to use Adobe Photoshop CS/CS2 to awaken the artist that lies within? Now you can, with professional photographer, Photoshop instructor and author Rick Sammon guiding you along the way with his personal, hands-on lessons.

Rick's latest interactive DVD -- Awaken the Artist Within -- includes 21 lessons that make learning fast and fun. Lessons include: Do it with Duotones, Beautiful Brush Strokes, Be an Artist with the Art History Brush, Hand-color a Picture, The Pinhole Camera Effect and Quick Artful Touchups.

The lessons are presented as QuickTime movies that capture Rick's voice and his on-screen enhancements. It's like having Rick right there with you, showing you each step of the process.

Using QuickTime technology, users can stop the movies and go "back in time" if they miss a step in the enhancement process. Each lesson comes with a high-quality JPEG work image, so users can apply Rick's artistic techniques to the images during their practice sessions.

A free QuickTime movie lesson is posted on Rick's Web site to give photographers a glimpse of Rick's friendly teaching style and the innovative QuickTime movie technology.

The interactive DVD is available for $39.95 (plus shipping and handling). For more information on Rick's Awaken the Artist Within CS/CS2 DVD, as well as his best-selling interactive Adobe Photoshop Elements 3-Minute Makeovers DVD, click on Rick's Pixel Magic at