Arca-Swiss RL3d

This state-of-the-art professional viewfinder camera comes equipped with new functions for making high-resolution images both digitally and on film. The RL3d, a universal camera with increased shift, enables you to take images in multiple formats up to 4x5” and digital images of over 200 MB and is light and compact, making it ideal for location photography.

The ARCA-SWISS R-Line features All In Plane vertical and horizontal shift and an integrated ± 5° horizontal or vertical tilt function to provide optimum sharpness where required.

Focus distance can be measured and displayed electronically and camera level can be found electronically or using conventional spirit levels.

The camera comes equipped with focus sensors; framing is achieved using the new variable Vario viewfinder which covers focal lengths from 23 – 210mm. Lenses are fitted onto the ARCA-SWISS R via an exclusive bayonet mount. By equipping lenses with a bayonet mount and by opting to link the optical system to the helical focus mount, they can be used both on the RL3d and Rm3D, as well as a bellows camera.