ARCA-SWISS d4 & d4m

With the invention of the d4 pan tilt head ARCA-SWISS has put an end to setting levers of 3d heads that extend in all directions and always get in the way. The d4 and d4m are especially suitable for efficient and precise work in digital studio photography and outdoors for architectural photography. The d4 is the world’s smallest, most functional and lightest gearhead.

The innovative design of the ARCA-SWISS d4 and d4m gearheads unites the pivot points of the X and Y movements at the same point.

The result is an identical and smallest possible rotational radii that ensures small camera movements and, as a consequence, almost no deviations in scale. Until now this led to reduced depth of field in digital photography and often made tedious corrections necessary.

The self-locking, micrometric movements in X and Y result from separate gear mechanisms, manufactured with a high-strength special alloy. Every tilt movement has its own fine tuning knob and a lockable free wheel button. The possibility of free movement in both axes using the freewheeling modus ensures free movements similar to those of a spherical head.

The ARCA-SWISS d4 and d4m have, like the cube C1 from ARCA-SWISS, a turning device on its base to align the camera as well as a panning device under the camera mount for panorama pans. In addition to the tilts in X and Y and the panorama rotation, the ARCA-SWISS camera mount enables the camera back and forth movement in the exposure axis, the 4th dimension, so to speak, as the model number d4 symbolizes.

The ARCA-SWISS d4m has no gears--its adjustments are made manually in all directions. Its other features are the same as the d4‘s.

ARCA-SWISS d4: price: $ 1102 (excl VAT)
(price may vary according to the fastening system chosen)
ARCA-SWISS d4m: price: $ 711 (excl VAT)
(price may vary according to the fastening system chosen)