AquaTech Soft Wraps

AquaTech, Inc. introduces Soft Wraps, a recently added line of protective coverings designed to shield cameras and accessories against the abuse that can sometimes accompany location photography. They’re designed to fit snugly, yet allow instant access.

Soft Wraps provide security for a number of items, ranging from SLR cameras to flash units to laptops. “They’re well-constructed of sturdy, stretchable, waterproof neoprene, and safeguard against blows and impacts while traveling, as well as offer moisture resistance” commented Jeff Goshert, AquaTech’s Director of Sales. “There are a lot of photographers out there using multiple shoe-mount flashes, some as many as eight to ten. Flash Soft Wraps ensure excellent flash protection when on location” Goshert added.

SLR Soft Wraps come in two sizes, Medium Pro and Large Pro, and easily slip around the camera body, offering a glove-tight fit with a protective flap covering. Flash Soft Wraps fit most shoe-mount flash units and also have a protective flap covering. Laptop Soft Wraps are perfect for travel and commuting, are airport security-friendly, come in small and large sizes, and include a flap covering. All Soft Wraps are offered in black neoprene, and sport the AquaTech logo in white and blue.

AquaTech, Inc., headquartered in Huntington Beach, California, has been a leader in the design and manufacture of sport camera housings and photographic protective equipment for many years. AquaTech’s mission is to keep your cameras, lenses, laptops and even you safe from everything Mother Nature has to offer. For more information, please visit our website at