Apple iPhone 13 Pro vs the 12 Pro. Is It Worth Upgrading? (VIDEO)

If you're a photographer who is considering upgrading from the Apple iPhone 12 Pro to the recently released iPhone Pro 13, the video below is for you. In the iPhone camera comparison, photographer Anita Sadowska pits the 13 Pro vs the 12 Pro to see which one performs better for portraits.

In her iPhone test, Sadowska photographs model Sophia Gasca in a range of settings for a lingerie advertising campaign. (Yes, that's a pretty appealing way to test a new phone camera, we'd say.)

"I'm going to be testing out the new iPhone that just came out – it's Sophia's iPhone, she's kind enough to lend it to me for the shoot," Sadowska explains. "I'm going to be comparing it with my iPhone 12 Pro."

In the first part of the video, Sadowska tests out the photo capabilities of the two phones. "I will be testing them side-by-side so you can see what they look like," she says. "I will be testing out different focal lengths as well as the portrait mode and I also will be shooting with and against the light."

The second half of the iPhone head-to-head photography test is in a backlit shooting scenario, which Sadowska says is where her 12 Pro typically struggles. "When the light isn't ideal, it can be a bit iffy," she notes.

After the photography tests, Sadowska then compares the iPhone 13 Pro against the 12 Pro for shooting videos. "I feel like in terms of taking photos, the camera has definitely improved in the new phone but not that much. Hhowever, video is a completely different situation. I feel like the videos look really good and it's definitely a massive upgrade from the 12."

So, is it worth shelling out some hard-earned bucks to upgrade to the Apple iPhone 13 Pro? Well, you'll have to watch the video to find out, but it is a lingerie shoot with a beautiful model, so we'd say it's worth your time.

Visit Sadowka's channel to see all of her photography videos including this one where she demonstrates how to shoot great portraits in direct sunlight.