The Amazing Polarizing Filter: Here’s How to Use It for More Dramatic Landscape Photographs (VIDEO)

Back in the days of film photography, the polarizing filter was widely considered an essential tool for shooting outdoors. These days digital photographers often ignore this important accessory, even though it works it’s magic just as well with digital photography.

In the three-minute video below, Welsh photographer Christopher Frost explains how the polarizer works its magic and demonstrates how to use it for more impactful photographs. As he explains, these filters work by absorbing polarized light and in so doing they eliminate distracting reflections from water, glass, foliage, and other shiny non-metallic objects. They’re also great for darkening pale blue skies.

Frost demonstrates how to rotate the filter in its mount to achieve the effect you’re after, and how the results will vary depending upon your position relative to the sun. He also shows how to create a unique colorful effect when using a polarizing filter to shoot through windows.

You can find more tips from Frost on his YouTube channel. And be sure to take a look at yesterday’s story with six essential accessories for landscape photographers—one of which is the polarizing filter.