Alien Skin Software Releases Exposure Plug-In

Alien Skin Software has released a new plug-in for Adobe Photoshop and other compatible host programs called Exposure which is designed to bring the look and feel of film to digital photography. Photographers can now simulate current and discontinued film stocks, as well as recreate their signature look as a one-click effect. Exposure also simulates darkroom and studio effects such as push and cross processing.

Enabling users to evoke the vivid colors of Velvia, the rich blacks of Kodachrome, or the sensitivity of Ektachrome, Exposure includes presets that emulate both color and black-and-white film stocks. Exposure adds realistic grain separately to the shadows, mid-tones, and highlights of an image, and makes gamma correction and contrast changes less intimidating by adding high level contrast, highlight and shadow controls to curves editing.

The plug-in also reproduces key studio and darkroom effects such as cross processing, push processing, and glamour portrait softening. Exposure encourages non-destructive editing, allowing users to render an adjusted image as a new layer in Photoshop. The product's advanced preview system includes an optional, split screen preview in addition to a before/after button. For more information visit