jAlbum 11

The newly released jAlbum 11 introduces an easy way to share your videos. Drop photos, videos, and even folders onto jAlbum and it will create stunning web galleries for you. Your photos and videos are downscaled, decreasing their size by about 90%. This means faster uploads and a smart way to share both photos and videos. With the built-in FTP uploader, jAlbum lets you publish your albums on your own hosting and domain. jAlbum does not claim any rights to your images, and never will. jAlbum’s commercial features make it easy to sell your images as prints or by digital download. Available integrations include Google checkout, Paypal, and Fotomoto. jAlbum is optimized to handle huge amounts of images no matter how you’ve organized them on your hard-drive. Batch downscaling, watermarking, and smart upload.

Additional features
* 100’s of album skins (themes) that you can use as they are or customize to your liking
* Neat filters that you can apply to an entire album
* Intuitive drag-and-drop user interface
* The software comes in 32 languages and has a built-in translator tool
* Works on Windows, Mac OSX and Linux
* Create private albums or share on social media
* Batch watermarking, downscaling and uploading

Download the jAlbum software from the website: http://jalbum.net/