Adorama Monolights Page 4

Adorama Flashpoint II Monolights
  620 1220 1820
Maximum Power Output: 300 ws 600 ws 900 ws
Variable Power Output: 28-300 ws 75-600 ws 113-900 ws
Power Control: full-1/8 stepless full-1/8 stepless full-1/8 stepless
Guide Number (ISO 100): 210 277 310
Recycle Times: 1-2 sec 1-3 sec 1-4 sec
Color Temperature: 5800K 5800K 5800K
Flash Duration: 1/600-1/1000 sec 1/600-1/1000 sec 1/600-1/1000 sec
Modeling Lamp: 19-150w 31-250w 31-250w
Built-In Slave: YES YES  
Dimensions: 15.5x5.6x7.5" 15.5x5.6x7.5" 15.5x5.6x7.5"
Price: $199.95 $299.95 $349.95

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