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Kim was photographed during a lighting workshop using a single Adorama DigiPopper placed slightly to camera-right of the model, who is holding onto a prop marble column. The monolight set on full power and with a 45" F.J. Westcott Optical White Satin umbrella mounting a Canon EOS D60 required an exposure of f/8 at 1/60 sec at ISO 100. (Right) When the models didn't show up for a test shoot, I drafted my friend M.P. Hunt's wife to pose. This photograph was made in their apartment complex's meeting room, using a Flashpoint II, model 620 (on camera-left) and a Flashpoint II, model 1220 (camera-right), and a 3:1 lighting ratio determined by measuring each light independently with a Gossen Luna Star F2 meter. A slow shutter speed (1/60 sec) was used to pick up some ambient fill from the room and the Canon EOS 10D, using an 85mm f/1.8 lens (at f/11), was set at ISO 200.

The lights, with the exception of the DigiPoppers' modeling light, held up remarkably well while shooting portraits and glamour photographs in a variety of locations, varying in size from a garage to a condominium clubhouse to a commodious rental studio. I wished the DigiPoppers locked more positively onto the top of my normal Manfrotto and Photoflex light stands and made it a habit to check to see if they were secure. I never had an accident, which was especially notable since, at one point, they were used to demonstrate lighting techniques during a workshop and were handled by students changing setups, power settings, and light modification devices. I was surprised that they fit the Manfrotto 3353 Nano Stands perfectly. One of the Flashpoint II monolights has been used in several events sponsored by a local photography group and like a Timex watch, took a lickin' and keeps on tickin' providing consistent and fast recycle times and exposures.

While the higher, continuously variable output Flashpoint II monolights were wonderful to work with, the size of the DigiPoppers made them a favorite when I wanted to toss lighting gear for a simple shoot into a backpack. Despite their low cost, both Adorama monolight series deliver great value for the watt second.

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Adorama DigiPopper Monolights
Maximum Power Output: 200 ws 300 ws
Variable Power Output: 50-100-200 ws 75-150-300 ws
Guide Number (ISO 100): 93 115
Recycle Times: 1-3 sec 1-3 seconds
Color Temperature 5500-6000K 5500-6000K
Flash Duration: 1/600-1/1000 sec 1/600-1/1000 sec
Modeling Lamp: 100w 150w
Dimensions: 7.88x4x3.5" 7.88x4x3.5"
Built-In Slave: YES YES
Price: $129.95 $169.95

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