Accessories Off The Beaten Path; Innovation Abounds, And Goes Out Of Bounds Page 2

The Liquid Image Scuba Series HD320 Camera Mask has a built-in camera that allows the user to capture underwater still photos or videos entirely hands free (of a camera, that is). This new version features 5-megapixel still (2560x1920) or 720p (1280x720) video at 30 fps with audio. Each mask is tested and certified for depths down to 115 ft. The new version has two light attachments that help bring out color and detail that is typically lost below 15 ft. Large lever-style buttons make it easy to adjust and use even when wearing diving gloves. Crosshair marks inside the mask assist in aligning the camera. LED light indicators visible inside the mask signal when it’s operational. The MSRP is $250. Other less expensive models for use at shallower depths are available.

Novoflex QuadroPod

While Jack Neubart has this covered in other pages in this issue, I would be remiss if I didn’t include the Novoflex QuadroPod from HP Marketing Corp. in this group. At first glance it seems odd, but there appears to be considerable research and justification behind this product. It can be used with three or four legs (made of aluminum or carbon) for added stability and can hold up to 110 lbs, a really big load of equipment.


OmegaSatter’s DUST-SHIELD by DUST-AID is a high-grade optical film that is attached onto the front of a D-SLR body (when the lens is removed) to seal it off from dust during lens changing. Image quality is not affected since it’s positioned out of the focus plane. The MSRP is $20. Personally I’m skeptical about placing anything between my camera lens and sensor or film, but dust on a digital camera sensor is a potential big problem, so this might have merit.

Springdale Photo-Nite-Lite

A new model picture frame that is compellingly different is Springdale Art Frame’s Photo-Nite-Lite, a simple plain 5⁄8” deep shadow box frame for 4x6” prints with a unique twist. It has six LED, AA-size battery-operated lights that illuminate the photo. They are connected to a motion sensor so they automatically turn on when somebody walks by the frame and stay on for 45 seconds. Thus it can also serve as a night-light for your bedroom, hallway, or any place that might need some extra lighting at nighttime. It can hang on a wall, sit upright on a desk, or even be attached to a metal surface with built-in magnets on the back. It’s offered in four colors and has an MSRP of $19.

Trek-Tech Optera 230 and 460 PRO

Trek-Tech’s Optera 230 is a three-legged small camera support consisting of an articulating flexible endoskeleton interior with a neoprene and rubber outer shell. It’s an innovative stabilization system that can be easily bent into most any shape. You can wrap the legs around items such as an open car door, tree, or fence post to position your camera where an ordinary tripod can’t go. A cord and D-ring system allows you to strap the legs down tight and helps prevent them from splaying out when used with heavy equipment. It uses the firm’s MagConnect Star system for quick release of the camera. It’s rated to hold up to 10 lbs and lists for $60. A slightly larger Optera 460 PRO version has one double-length leg, which can be bent up to provide support for a tele-zoom lens. The MSRP is $70.

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