7 SECRET Camera Accessories That Make Photography Easier & More Fun (VIDEO)

Photographers tend to be gadget freaks and love useful accessories. The problem is there’s some great “secret” stuff out there from small companies without marketing budgets to bring them to your attention.

Bottom line: You’re missing out on some great stuff, and that’s the topic of the video below, as one pro reveals the “seven hidden-gem best camera accessories that you’ve never heard of.”

Justin “Dunna” McDonough is a Canadian photographer and audio engineer, and he’s all about accessories that “make my life as a photo/video person much easier.” The gadgets he reveals here do everything from keeping gear clean and protected, to charging batteries, making the most of a tripod, and much more.

We’re pretty sure that after watching this video, you’ll pull out a credit card and go shopping. Unlike the accessory story we posted a week ago, focusing on bargain options, some of the items on Dunna’s list are more expensive because they’re chosen for maximum functionality.

For example, everyone is familiar with the cheap “rocket blower” that does a decent job of cleaning dust off a lens, simply by squeezing a rubber bulb. Dunna’s choice is the Nitecore Blowerbaby—a small electric option that includes a replaceable filter. Simply press a button the side of the device, and it emits a steady stream of filtered air to clean lenses, cameras, filters, keyboards, and more.

Dunna’s other recommendations include a unique camera battery with a built-in USB charging port so you can forget about carrying a dedicated charger, because all you need is a cord. And for those who want to keep their existing batteries, Dunna reveals a versatile charger that’s available with a variety of modular plates to accommodate whatever camera batteries you own. You can charge two at a time—even those for different cameras.

There several more great accessories in this video, so take a look. And to make shopping easier, Dunna provides links in the description beneath the video.

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