7 ESSENTIAL Outdoor Photo ACCESSORIES That Won’t Break the Bank (VIDEO)

Most photographers are gadget freaks and love buying useful accessories, especially when they can’t afford a new camera or other expensive gear. In the video below we’ll help you scratch that itch, with “must have” gadgets that are easy on the wallet.

Pierre T. Lambert is a professional travel and street photographer who is very particular about his equipment. In this quick episode he reveals seven favorite accessories that he uses all the time.

The affordable gadgets Lambert recommends can make photography more enjoyable, help you capture better images, and will safeguard your gear. He provides links in the description beneath the video to where you can find these handy tools, and also includes a full list of all the equipment he uses.

Lambert begins with a simple sensor-cleaning kit that he says, “may save your butt (and your photos) in the field when your sensor becomes contaminated with dust, dirt, water, and other contaminants. He then demonstrates a safe way to use it.

We initially found Lambert’s second recommendation—a tiny portable printer—a bit surprising. Yet, we were quickly convinced after he explained that this device changed his approach to travel and street photography by enabling him to immediately share images with his subjects.

Lambert’s other favored gadgets include a tiny “disposable” digital camera for discreet shooting, a simple pouch for keeping memory cards clean and organized, and a larger pouch for storing cables, extra batteries and other important accessories.

The last two accessories on Lambert’s list are equally useful and affordable, so be sure to watch the video until the end. Then decide which of these gadgets make sense for you, and go shopping!

You can find more interesting shooting and gear videos by visiting Lambert’s YouTube channel, so pay a visit and subscribe.

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