BUDGET Camera SHOOTOUT: Canon Rebel T7 vs iPhone 13 Mini (VIDEO)

Amidst the ongoing race for the latest and greatest gear, some photographers minimize the important role they play when it comes to capturing great images. Hence the adage, “It’s the photographer, not the camera, that makes a photo.”

There’s no denying that a sophisticated camera with advanced features, and a sharp lens, is a winning combination that often makes it easier to get the money shot. But in the interesting video below you’ll see what two experienced shooters (and a gorgeous model) can do with equipment they’d never choose for an important assignment.

Portrait pro Vanessa Joy picked a 24MP Canon Rebel T7 DSLR with the economy Canon EF 50mm f/1.8 STM lens for this shootout; a combination you can find on eBay for around $500. Photographer/educator Gary Hughes made s  his photos with an iPhone 13 Mini, that’s available for about $100 bucks more.

The quality of the images captured with this affordable kit reaffirms that with “serviceable” equipment in one’s hands, it’s possible to make impressive images with the proper techniques.

While watching this episode you’ll pick up valuable tips on camera settings and composition, as well a few interesting techniques. Hughes, for example, shoots from a low angle with his iPhone upside-down, so the lens is as close as possible to the ground. The phone automatically inverts the image and the effect is pretty cool.

Joy has a few tricks up her sleeve too, including helpful tips for directing a model, so pay close attention to what can be accomplished with entry-level or outdated gear. The rules for the shootout are simple: Each photographer shoots as many photos they desire, then does a quick edit before printing the results.

We think you’ll be impressed. Joy doesn’t seem particularly surprised by the nice images she captured. Hughes, on the other hand, didn’t enjoy his experience with the iPhone 13 Mini, yet he was quite excited when viewing his photos.

You can find a variety of helpful tutorials on Joy’s YouTube channel, and view a selection of Hughes’ imagery on his Instagram page.