6 Ways to MAXIMIZE Photo Quality with the Gear You Already Own (VIDEO)

We all love new gear, and many photographers are constantly chasing the latest innovations in cameras, lenses, and accessories. But in many cases you can capture amazing images with the gear you already own, especially if you refine your skills with a few simple tricks.

Duade Paton is an Australian pro with a portfolio full of awesome nature and wildlife images, and in the video below he reveals a number of powerful tips for achieving optimum results without spending a cent. As Paton says, “I want to emphasize that the camera alone is only one piece of the image quality puzzle, and just about any modern camera is capable of taking really good shots.”

To prove his point, Paton begins by comparing two images of a pretty bird; one taken with an old 10-megapixel DSLR that he picked up for $60, and another captured with an innovative $2,500 full-frame mirrorless cameras. Obviously, the latter camera has a far superior sensor. But how do the photos compare?

Surprisingly, the image quality of the two photographs is quite similar, so see if you can tell which one was captured with the high-end camera. While both images are nice, Paton explains why he actually prefers the shot captured with the $60 DSLR. And that’s where his helpful shooting tips come into play.

Paton’s advice covers everything from finding the best light and choosing the right lens for a particular scene, to camera-to-subject distance, nailing exposure, and maximizing sharpness. He includes important information on the photos he uses as examples, and provides a list of his gear in the description below the video..

We’re not attempting to dissuade you from investing in new photo equipment, because Paton’s tips will also make the most of the latest and greatest gear. But if money is tight, this tutorial will surely help you squeeze every ounce of image quality out of the gear you have on hand.

There are more great videos on Paton’s YouTube channel. And be sure to check out the tutorial we posted last week, with shooting and editing tips for achieving the best color possible.