50 Quick Poses for Alluring Female Portrait Photos (VIDEO)

Sooner or later you'll be asked to photograph a female friend or significant other, even if portraiture isn’t your thing. In fact, you may even decide to model for yourself.

The tutorial below is very valuable for photographers of all skill levels, and it demystifies one of the most important tasks; namely, how to achieve alluring poses that please both you and your model. This lesson features photographer Daria Koso who provides 50 proven poses in barely 15 minutes that will improve confidence for all concerned.

Koso is a Miami-based pro specializing in fashion photography whose stunning imagery has been featured in numerous national publications like Harper's Bazaar and Glamour. The tips she illustrates in today's episode fly by in a hurry, so you may want to bookmark the video or jot down a few notes.

This video was originally designed for inexperienced "models" who are uncertain about how to position themselves in the most flattering way. But it's our job as photographers to provide clear direction to our subjects, so the tips are equally important for you.

Koso demonstrates the poses she recommends because, as you'll see, she could just as easily work as a professional model herself. Her first recommendation is essential; namely making sure your subject feels comfortable in front of the camera. You can be a big help in this regard by proceeding calmly while offering positive feedback, direction, and encouragement.

One easy tip is to have the subject pull back her shoulders and drop them. This creates the appearance of a longer neck and delivers a confident look. Then by bringing the chest out, the subject's breasts will appear fuller if that's what she wants.

Another key posing suggestion helps avoid the appearance of a double chin. This is accomplished by raising the chin, moving it forward, and then dropping it slightly. You'll also see why portraits may look better if the subject isn't always facing the camera directly or striking a profile pose. There are a variety of other angles that can far more effective for capturing a great shot.

There are still 47 poses remaining, and all are easy to explain and accomplish. So find a willing subject, give these posing suggestions a try, and you may just consider yourself a portrait photographer after all.

Be sure to explore Koso's popular YouTube channel where there's a variety of great advice for always making portrait subjects look their best.

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