5 Ways to Make Eyes SPARKLE in Photoshop (VIDEO)

The eyes, they say, are the windows to the soul. But they're also the doorways to great photographs. If the eyes in your images look flat, dull or, even worse, lifeless, your portraits will likely look the same.

But there's a way to change all that in post-processing. In the below Photoshop tutorial, software guru Unmesh Dinda of PiXimperfect shares "five advanced techniques to make eyes sparkle!"

"In this tutorial, we will learn how 5 techniques to retouch eyes and make them significantly attractive," Dinda says. "First, we will start by learning how to shape the light and add shine and dimension to the eyes. We will achieve this using simple concepts of blending modes. Then, we will use Curves to create a kicker light that adds a noticeable depth to the eyes.

"We will also create details for the iris using advanced brushes, masking, and curves, to make them look dramatic. Also, you will learn ways to create reflections! Most importantly, we will explore different methods to clean the eye whites and remove veins and irregularities."

Download Dinda's free sample images here and follow along with the edits in Photoshop as you watch the video below. When you're done, go visit his channel for more great Photoshop tutorials including this one where he explains Photoshop's new game-changing Select-Subject tool