5 Tips for Composing Landscape Photos with Depth, Scale & Unity for More Powerful Images (VIDEO)

Regular visitors to Shutterbug’s website and Facebook page have no doubt noticed that we’ve been featuring a series of tutorials designed to help photographers refine their composition skills. This latest installment provides five powerful tips for composing landscape photos with maximum impact.

Today’s episode is a follow-up to an earlier tutorial from Mads Peter Iverson, who says his first piece was the most popular video he’s ever posted. And we’re pretty sure that this latest effort will prove just as valuable.

Iverson is a Danish landscape pro, and he uses his spectacular imagery to illustrate the five tips in this tutorial. First on his list is how to best use a wide-angle lens to add depth to scenic photos, and one of the examples he offers is a shot captured while standing in a stream.

He also illustrates the importance of providing a sense of scale to landscape photos, by including small compositional elements that reinforce the grandeur of the overall scene. Iverson offers a unique take on using the familiar Rule of Thirds to tie an image together, explains how he carefully places the horizon to create a sense of unity, and much more.

Like Iverson’s first composition tutorial, the tips he shares here are easy to master. And we’re pretty sure than if you give these techiques a try, your landscape photos will be better than ever before.

You can find more helpful advice on Iverson’s YouTube channel, and be sure to look at his first composition tutorial, with five more great tips for composing landscape photos like a pro.