5 Fun Camera TRICKS that Don't Cost Any Money (VIDEO)

Here's a set of crazy camera tricks that are part clever, part silly, and 100 percent free. The mad geniuses at "I Did a Thing" share "5 Camera Tricks that Don't Cost Any Money!" in the below video and once you see how they're done you might laugh, you may cry, or you could just cry with tears of laughter.

These five smart but hilarious camera hacks are mainly video-related, but they can also be applied to still photography. You've just got to use your imagination.

#1 "BLT" Camera Slider

All things are better with butter!

#2 Rat Camera Angle

No animals or small children were harmed during this trick.

#3 The Balaklava Trick

Don't get busted.

#4 Beauty Is in the Eye of the Beer-Holder

It might help if your camera is waterproof.

#5 Beer Goggles

Yes, these chaps like drinking beer.

A healthy sense of humor is helpful when viewing the below tutorial so check your attitude at the door. (There's a reason we tagged this post as Humor at the top.)  And if you're still feeling frisky after you watch it, you should also view this video with the "5 Worst Types of Photographers."