5 Easy DIY Camera Hacks to Give Your Photographs a Jolt of Creativity (VIDEO)

Everyone loves camera hacks, especially if they’re easy to accomplish and require nothing more than a few common household items. And in this quick video you’ll pick up some interesting tips for creating one-of-kind-images.

Run N Gun is a popular YouTube channel hosted by a Colorado photographer who goes by the handle JT, and it’s a great place to pick up simple tips, tricks and hacks. In this three three-minute visual tutorial JT illustrates how to up your game by employing a few props and a bit of experimentation.

So what do you need to get started? How about a loofa from your shower, a CD or DVD, a colorful highlighter, and a spool of fishing line. You’ll also see how to work some magic with a roll of clear tape and a chain or necklace.

There are more interesting tips on the R N Gun YouTube channel. And be sure to check out an earlier video we posted with several quick portrait hacks anyone can do.