Here's an Easy Portrait Photography Hack that Anyone Can Do (VIDEO)

Sometimes the simplest tricks are the best ones. In the below video, photographer Peter McKinnon shares just that: an easy but effective photo hack he says anyone can do.

"As photographers, we are constantly trying to better our craft," McKinnon says. "We want to take better photos, we want to provide better images for clients, for corporations, for ourselves, for our portfolios, just all around. So, this is one little portrait hack, one little trick that I like to do to make my photos look a little bit better. This is done in-camera before you even get to the post-processing stage. Let me show you how to level up those portraits in less than five minutes."

We won't play spoiler and give away the trick – you'll have to watch the video below – but we will say it might have you hankering for a pint of beer once you see how it's done. To find out where to buy the clamp device that's also used in McKinnon's portrait photography hack, check out the description to his video.

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