5 Boudoir Poses for Photos with the WOW Factor (VIDEO)

Boudoir photography is like other forms of portraiture in many ways. Composition and accurate exposure are important, and precise focus is a must. But flattering poses are particularly critical when shooting boudoir because the ultimate goal is a sensuous result.

In the tutorial below you’ll learn what one pro says are “my five favorite and best-selling poses,” and they are very easy to emulate. Unless you’re photographing a professional model, your ability to offer direction and keep a subject comfortable and relaxed is also a big part of the job.

Los Angeles pro Michael Sasser is a very accomplished boudoir photographer, and the tutorial below reveals several secrets to his success. If you have some experience with this style of photography, Sasser’s posing tips are sure to up your game. And beginners will gain confidence for giving this a try. You may even consider giving your loved one a beautiful framed boudoir photo as a holiday gift.

Sasser divides his favorite poses into three main sections. The first is for shooting subject of all body types, whether they’re thin or curvy. Next are poses designed specifically for shooting in a small room, and are ideal for photography at home. The third set is for those times when a model is willing to pose nude.

Sasser's goal for this straightfoward episode is to help you emulate his work to create images that make you and your model proud.

Along the way you’ll pick up valuable tips on composition, wardrobe styles that are most appropriate for your subject, and for directing the shoot so it’s both fun and comfortable for everyone involved.

If you find boudoir photography interesting and you’d like to further explore this genre, all you have to do is visit Sasser’s instructional YouTube channel where there’s much more to learn.

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