300mm – 600mm Super-Macro-Zoom Lens

Argraph Corporation is introducing the new V-HQ 300 – 600mm IF ED f/4.1-5.7 Macro Zoom Lens. For the past five years Elicar has been developing its new super telephoto 300-600mm f/4.1-5.7 and after a continuous process of improvements after improvements they have succeeded in adding Macro capability to the lens.

Usually, super telephoto lenses with focal lengths of 600mm can only achieve the closest focusing distance of 5 meters / 16.4 feet and over, but Elicar’s closest focusing distance is a record-breaking 55 centimeters / 21 inches.

Additional innovative features include:

Allows continuous focusing from 21 inches to infinity.
All rings (focusing/zooming/aperture/macro) are of solid metal, not rubberized.
The metal rings and hood is built-in yet the lightest and smallest.
The markings of all scales are engraved.
When used with a mirror-less camera, becomes an amazing 600~1200mm optic
Finished in nature-friendly olive green
Five-Year Warranty

The Elicar 300 – 600mm is available in fixed Nikon, Canon, Pentax K and C/CS mounts and can be fitted to CCTV and C-mount video cameras. It is distributed by Argraph Corporation and is expected to retail at about $12,000.


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When I first heard of it, I wasn't paying attention to this lens. But reading this post, I am having a second thought. I guess, it would not be a bad idea to try this one out. - Scott Sohr