3 Easy Ways to Shoot More Eye-Catching Portraits: Jessica Whitaker Tutorial

Here's a fun tutorial from photographer Jessica Whitaker with three easy ways to shoot more interesting portraits. Shot on location in the Capitol Hill neighborhood of Seattle, Washington, Whitaker teams up with model Chelsea Miller to share tips, tricks and techniques for portrait photography.

To start the video, Whitaker demonstrates "a fun lens technique using a common household object and how to achieve a haze, 1970’s effect that is so trendy on Instagram right now," and then she segues into her other portrait tips.

"I share three main tips and tricks for improving your portrait photography and bring you in a variety of lighting situations, from backlighting to shade," Whitaker says. "I highlight important framing and composition techniques and what to look for in a location with leading lines that will change the game for your photography business."

Check it out below and then go visit Whitaker's awesome YouTube channel for more fun and easy photography tutorials, such as this one with "8 Easy Ways to Improve Your Portrait Photography Instantly."