Here Are 8 Easy Ways to Improve Your Portrait Photography Instantly (VIDEO)

Need some quick tips to step up your portrait photography game? Photographer Jessica Whitaker has eight of them in the below video.

“Let’s talk about 8 different things you can incorporate into your portrait photography to improve your work,” she says. “From angles to color play, styling, framing, composition, leading lines, adding movement, and even how to photograph hair.”

Whitaker notes that she deliberately picked an unglamorous location for her photography tips video to show that you can apply them anywhere.

“I picked this location because I want to really remind you that you do not have to live in LA or New York City to make beautiful photos,” Whitaker explains. “There’s just a few things you can do to make those images look editorial and intentional and I’m really excited to get into it in the video.”

Check it out and then go visit her YouTube channel for “photography videos, tips and tricks, tutorials, and social media strategies."