3 Easy Ways to Remove Anything from a Photo Using Photoshop (VIDEO)

There are more ways to remove unwanted objects and people from an image in Photoshop than there are to skin a cat. Actually, I've always hated that expression; who wants to skin a cat anyways?

But I digress. Let me put it this way: there are many ways to erase things from an image using Photoshop; some good, some bad, some easy, some hard. In the below video, Colin Smith from photoshopCAFE explains three simple and quick Photoshop removal methods.

"Remove a person, remove braces from teeth and make power lines vanish in three quick tutorials," Smith says. "You will learn different ways of removing things from photos and different Photoshop tools."

Check out Smith's tutorial below and then go visit the photoshopCAFE channel for more software how-tos. If you want to learn another "secret" way to remove anything in Photoshop, check out photographer Serge Ramelli's tutorial that we posted earlier in the week.