3 Easy Tips to Create Gorgeous Skin Tones in Portraits Using Photoshop (VIDEO)

One of the keys to a great portrait is, without a doubt, having beautiful skin tones. You can, of course, capture gorgeous skin in your portraits right in camera, but it never hurts to have a little help afterwards.

And for that post-capture help, many photographers turn to Photoshop. In the below video, portrait pro Eli Infante shares three easy techniques for creating gorgeous skin tones in Photoshop.

"In this video, I cover my color grading process to achieve nice skin tones," Infante says. "I'll show you three different adjustment layers that improve your editing."

Here's how Infante recommends getting started in Photshop when working on skin tones.

"To begin, when you're color toning your skin, you want to do dodge and burn and do frequency separation first," he says. "Now whatever process you use to retouch your skin, you're going to do that first before you color grade your skin tone."

These are the three Photoshop techniques Infante then discusses and demonstrates in this software tutorial:

#1 Selective Color

#2 Color Balance

#3 Gradient Maps

Check out the video and then go hit up his YouTube channel for more awesome portrait advice.

Via ISO 1200