3 Awesome Street Photography Composition Tricks from Evan Ranft (VIDEO)

Street photography is one of the most popular topics for Shutterbug readers, so we thought we’d share another video offering tips on how to better compose street photos. The below how-to clip is from photographer Evan Ranft, who we’ve featured many times on Shutterbug.com.

“In this video, the objective is to quickly and effectively cover three composition techniques that can be used in street photography,” Ranft says. “As street photography is one of the more difficult forms of photography, these composition techniques are intended to be used as a starting point. Finding an interesting composition is 50% of a good street photo.”

Here are the three street photography composition techniques Ranft discusses in the video:

#1 Leading lines - lines in the photo to essentially point to the subject

#2 Framing - using the environment to isolate and draw attention to a subject

#3 Contrasting Subject (aka Subject Isolation) - finding a subject that contrasts the scene it’s in to draw attention to that subject

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