11 Things NOT to Say (or Do) During a Boudoir Photo Shoot (VIDEO)

Michael Sasser is a professional boudoir photographer based in Los Angeles and he admits he's said a few wrong things during boudoir photo shoots in the past. Boudoir can be one of the most sensitive types of photography, particularly for insecure clients, and in the below video, Sasser shares 11 things he's learned not to say or do during a shoot.

"I think it's extremely important to know what the right things to say are, especially during a boudoir shoot. But even more important is to know what NOT to say," Sasser explains. "So, in this video we're going to go through a few of things you should definitely not say while you're shooting a boudoir client. It is isn't only about taking pictures but about making your client or model feel comfortable."

Here are the 11 things you shouldn't say (or do) during a boudoir shoot:

#1 "Be sexy"

#2 "You'll be prettier after editing"

#3 Complete silence

#4 Emphasizing your mistakes

#5 Directing with inappropriate words

#6 Being negative

#7 Overusing the same word

#8 Touching the client/model without asking

#9 Telling them why you need them to change something

#10 Supporting their negativity

#11 Just saying…"Smile"

After you watch the video, go visit Sasser's YouTube channel for more boudoir tutorials.