10 Tips for Shooting SENSUAL Boudoir Videos

Who says boudoir photographers can't also do videography? That's the question boudoir pro Yuliya Panchenko addreses in the below video where she shares ten tips for creating sizzling boudoir videos.

Working with model Larysa, Panchenko shares ways that boudoir photographers can expand their offerings by creating sensual films in the bedroom. The tutorial begins with a short boudoir video called "Letters Unknown" that Panchenko created with Larysa as an example of what you can offer your clients.

First, Panchenko goes over her gear recommendations for shooting boudoir video, and then she explains and demonstrates her ten tips on boudoir videography. Here they are:

#1 Come Up with a Good Concept

#2 Boudoir Films Are Not BTS (Behind-The-Scenes) Clips

#3 Script Your Story

#4 Make Sure Client Understands the Story

#5 Create Shot List

#6 Draw Storyboards

#7 Have a Mood Board

#8 Creative Lighting

#9 Shoot in 60 Frames Per Second for Slow Motion Options

#10 Final Video Should Be Between 2-2:30 minutes Long

Bonus Tip: The Less You Show the More Sensual It Is

Panchenko has a reputation for trying new things with boudoir. Along with this video on boudoir videography, she recently posted another tutorial on how to shoot male boudoir photography. Visit her channel to see all her creative boudoir ideas.