10 Simple Tips on How to Turn Amateur-Looking Photos Into Pro-Quality Images (VIDEO)

Do you ever wonder how to take your photography to the next level? The helpful folks at Mango Street Labs are back with another great video that will help you improve your amateur-looking images so they look as good as those from professional photographers.

And, in fact, it’s really not so hard if you follow some basic tips. In the short video below, Daniel Inskeep and Rachel Gulotta from Mango Street Labs give you “10 Tips to INSTANTLY Take Your Photos from BASIC to BOSS.”

They are as follows:

1. Mind Your Horizons

2. Nail Your Focus

3. Don't Cut Off Your Subject's Limbs at the Joints

4. Good Composition

5. Don't Over- or Under-Edit

6. Don't Shoot in Tungsten Light

7. Use Light Correctly

8. Shoot With Purpose

9. Keep Your Subjects Natural

10. Don't Try to Recreate Someone Else's Work

Check out the video, where the two photographers tell you more about each one of these important points along with offering some image examples.

Via ISO 1200

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