“Shoot Great Video with your Canon DSLR” DVD

Blue Crane Digital announced its newest training DVD, “Shoot Great Video with your Canon DSLR”. The 77 minute long presentation addresses the challenges still photographers face when using their new Canon DSLR to capture and produce video.

“In the right hands, Canon DSLR cameras can capture some the best video in the world”, said Bryan Poffenberger, President of Blue Crane Digital. “Straight out of the box, however, the results can be all over the board”, he added. Blue Crane Digital understood that most still photographers were lost when it came to questions of compression, sound capture, and other video disciplines.

“Our producers are pretty video savvy”, Poffenberger added, “but when we viewed their first attempts to capture video with these cameras, we were all disappointed. These cameras have tremendous strengths. Our goal was to produce a DVD that steers the still photographer around the challenges, and allows them to capture the images they create in the LCD monitor.”

This DVD isn’t about camera controls alone. Whether a photographer is using a 1D Mark IV, a 7D, a T2i, or any other DSLR model that captures video, a Canon shooter will come away with an understanding of the tools, accessories, and techniques that will make the finished video better. “Whether shooting photojournalism, music videos, events, or independent films, knowing the challenges and how to address them makes all the difference.”

The retail DVD has a street price of $19.99.