“Introduction to the Nikon D3200” Training DVD

Blue Crane Digital today announced its newest training DVD, “Introduction to the Nikon D3200– Basic Controls ”. The DVD helps you unleash the potential of your Nikon D3200 by teaching you how the camera features and controls work together, giving you all the tools you need to capture the best images under any conditions. This video will benefit anyone who wants an introduction to the D3200’s main controls and settings.Topics are arranged in chapters, allowing you to move at your own pace.

The retail DVD is scheduled for worldwide release mid-July, with a street price of $24.99. “Introduction to the Nikon D3200 ” DVDs and all other Blue Crane Digital DVDs are distributed by OmegaBrandess, to find a dealer go to www.omegabrandess.com then to the “Blue Crane Digital” link.

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This material was really useful to easily understand the features of the camera. Great stuff! - YOR Health