The “anti” Photo Sharing Site – Shozam Web Gallery

Komotion, Inc., the makers of the Web Gallery Wizard, has announced the release of Shozam Web Gallery Generator, which automatically creates Web galleries to showcase photos, video and other digital media.

Shozam is said to put content ownership back in the hands of users. It is a software tool that lets users create and control their own multimedia Web galleries. Users import and arrange media, write captions and descriptions, add audio and select a professionally-designed theme. With the click of a button, Shozam generates a Web site with seven different page layouts, including a slideshow view, which users can upload to any Web host.

Shozam automatically optimizes images, and the entire gallery is uploaded at one time. This process is said to be up to 40 times faster than submitting original photos to a photo sharing service. Shozam is said to eliminate the need for online photo sites which can over-compress photos, clutter the site with ads, impose restrictions, or require minimum purchases of add-ons like prints and calendars. The makers say that if the said service goes out of business, the gallery -- and the work and time that went into it -- can disappear. Even worse, precious photos can be lost.

Available in five editions for Windows, Shozam Web Gallery Generator starts at just $49.95 and grows with a user's needs, from simple photo gallery creation to a full-featured Web site with image protection, shopping cart and more. For more about Shozam Editions, features and pricing, or to download the free trial, go to