Briefly comment on your reaction to Kodak's announcement of a new color negative film.

Briefly comment on your reaction to Kodak's announcement of a new color negative film.
I never stopped shooting film.
47% (291 votes)
I do not work with film anymore.
30% (187 votes)
I shoot film rarely, but still have my film cameras and sometimes shoot a roll or two.
23% (145 votes)
Total votes: 623

Ralph Miller's picture

Last roll exposed over a 2 year period! used Kodak mailer, took a month to get results back. Image quality excelent!!

photoguy53's picture

While most of my work is digital nowdays, I still love to shoot film for my personal projects. No matter how far digital goes, film and proper processing will, for the most part, deliver superior results. Don't believe me? Shoot the exact same shot with film and digital to the best of your ability, and then compare the prints.

John Somers's picture

I am thankful for Kodak and their film R&D as well as Fuji and their films. I really miss Agfa APX 25 and 100! When all the electronic gadgets fail...there is FILM!

P.P.  Benedetti's picture

I have excellent film cameras that I have to use in order to keep them working properly.

Mike's picture

Still shooting film and love it. I shoot digital, too. It's all about making a photograph...the camera is only a tool. Film and digital cameras are two different tools that can give you different results. Some of us prefer one tool over the other and that's good. The variety of tools available just means more options for us to accomplish our vision or to complete our work.

Rick Jackimowicz's picture

I feel it's great that Kodak introduced this film. I'm waiting for it in 120. For Fine Art photography, digital can be surpassed providing you have a good film scanner.

Mike Booth's picture

Glad to hear this news. I used to shoot Ektar color negative film back in the 80's and was always pleased with the results

Eugene Thomson's picture

I have taken more digital images in the last 10 years than in the previous 50 years when I used film.

Monty Veenendaal's picture

I like to use film for B & W and some color. I am a home inspector and use digital mainly for photos in my inspection reports

Tom's picture

Although I feel 8-10 MP is sufficient for most of my work, I will buy a Canon 5D MK III (21 MP) within the year because I DO want to make large prints. Past that, I suggest quality improvements re: sensors, ,most of us do not need ever increasing MP, 6/8/10 is more than sufficient for the average casual photographer. And yes, my plans will necessarily require a full line (computer, storage and printer etc...) of upgrades.

Jay T.  Litt's picture

I donated all my film to a school about 2 years ago. I still have a film camera or two but I am not sure why.

Art K.'s picture

I still have to grab a roll of film every now and then. I love my digital but there is something about film that I have to get back to once in a while.

Bobet Torres's picture

Five years ago was the last time I shot with film. I still have my film cameras collecting dust on a shelf. I have three Canon Digital system and my whole operation is with in that environment. The closest I get to film shoot is when I treat my digital camera like shooting with a film camera on manual. It is always good to have films around as a subject for discussions like this. Thank You... Bobet Torres-photographer - Las Vegas

Bob's picture

Hi, I still shoot film and I'm very happy that it appears to be with us for a while. I have started to shot with a DSLR I know that the future will come soon. I have a beginners DSLR A200 so that I can use my Minolta glass. Film is like a familar sweater...real comfortable. It will take sometime to switch over completely....thanks

Allan Green's picture

Anything that is an improvement is a good idea.

Elizabeth Schultz's picture

Actually, I like film better for black & white and am probably going to take a photography course at the local community college just to have access to the darkroom. I traded in my Canon F1N for a used Canon EOS 1V so I could use the some of the same lenses as my Canon EOS 40D. (But I really miss my F1N; over 20 years of use, it never let me down.) Maybe I'm getting old, but I miss the relative simplicity of the older film cameras. I have a pretty good grasp of the 40D but I know I haven't even begun to explore all of it's capability (and menus, buttons, etc.)

David Stanton's picture

I am very happy to see further investment and development of film.

Doug Banas's picture

I still have a Canon A-1 that I still love using, even though I have stepped into the digital world.

Steve Ferris's picture

Film has a "look" preferred by many and other advantages over digital. The market may be smaller but it will endure.

Jack Liu's picture

Recently, I had thoughts about shooting film again. It has a certain richness not attainable in digital cameras. My equipt include both Canon and Nikon DSLRs.

Steven A.  Emery's picture

My freezer is fully loaded with paper and film. 35mm, 6x7 and 4x5, 8x10-16x20 color and B&W. I haven't shot film or done traditional printing for three years. I have 30 years processing and printing experience. Always done my own E-6 and mixed my own custom B&W developers. Don't know if I will ever go back but I haven't torn down my darkroom yet.

Jerry Ruffino's picture

I like the visceral aspect of film. I am ordering some of this new film today.

Steve Dixon's picture

I still love to shoot my Nikon FM2 and N90s. They are great cameras. The FM2 is nice and compact and fits beautifully in the hand, and the N90s holds up to much newer autofocus designs. For the ultimate in quality, I shoot a Mamiya RB67.

Jamie Tucker's picture

I mainly use black and white film, so a new color film doesn't really change anything for me.

Robert Sigillito's picture

I love film and while I am sad that Kodak has discontinued films like HIE and TechPan, this announcement is very welcomed.

Alan's picture

I shoot an average of 30-40 rolls of film a year. I can't wait to try this film. I shoot a lot of digital too.

Dave McCarthy's picture

Another 5 years and film will be in the museums. Technology will overcome.

Keith Trumbo's picture

Thank god for Kodak.

David Francey's picture

Have not used film in at least 10 years or more.

R.  D.  Firkins's picture

I still shoot film so I can use my wide angles and my film cameras still have better "reaction" time than any of my DSLRs. When I have the film processed I just pay a few extra bucks for a CD.