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News & Notes...
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When it comes to photographing kids, remember that they just want to have fun. As children have a short attention span, you'll get more-cooperative photo subjects if they're having a good time. Get involved with kids' activities: play games with them, read stories, or whatever they're doing so that they get used to your presence, and can be themselves...

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Master Class

My first bride was sensationally gorgeous. Her gown was incredible. Her "look" was breathtaking! I photographed her alone and with a male model in poses that were not unique to me, but mindblowing to the Russians.

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All photos by Meg Smith

Meg Smith's wedding photography goes beyond the typically posed portraits--she has a gift for capturing special, intimate moments throughout the event, resulting in some very memorable images. Her attitude, which translates to her images is, "Weddings are fun--they're celebrations!" During the eight years...

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Lesson Of The Month

When it comes to photographing jewelry, there are different approaches to consider with regards to how each particular piece will come across. If you are deadline driven and have many pieces to photograph, you...

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Epson Stylus Pro 7600

With the release of the Epson Stylus Pro 9000 in 1999, Epson officially entered into the market of wide format digital printing. Since then, Epson has managed to continuously develop and improve their printer, ink, and paper technologies. The current...

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Editor's Notes

More and more digital cameras are now offering a new file format that may be the best choice for those who really want to get into their digital image files. Known collectively as raw, it doesn't really stand for anything, as do the initials in JPEG and TIFF. Raw means...

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Digital Innovations

"Everything looks worse in black and white..."--Paul Simon's Kodachrome

I think Paul Simon is wrong, but...

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Sun & Games Fun with the sun...and more

1. Sun Stars
Your wide-angle lens at its smallest aperture can turn the sun into a star in your photos—fitting, since the sun actually is a star. The effect occurs because the tiny aperture diffracts the incoming light rays a lot. This diffraction causes the star effect. You can include the sun as a compositional. Photo by...


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