Whether you are a working pro, an experienced enthusiast, or a passionate hobbyist, it's likely that you are serious about your gear. And there is no more authoritative voice on imaging technology than the the experts at Shutterbug. This comprehensive resource will help you make informed purchasing decisions and get the most from the gear you already own.

Camera Reviews

Amateur Digital SLRs
These affordable models accept interchangeable lenses and an assortment of versatile accessories.

Pro-Quality Digital SLRs
High performance cameras offering state-of-the-art technology and rugged construction to meet the needs of the demanding pro.

Compact Digicams
Ideal for those times when you have to travel light, or for use as a backup camera to your SLR.

35mm Cameras
We haven't forgotten about you film users. Here are all the details about the latest 35mm models.

Medium & Large Format Systems
Here's where you'll read about professional cameras that offer the benefits of a big negative or a big digital sensor.

Other Reviews

Everything you need to know about choosing a new lens, whether it's an ultra-wide, macro, telephoto or wide-range zoom.

Scanners & Printers
These post-capture devices are getting more sophisticated, easier to use and less expensive every day.

Lighting Equipment
Whether you're looking for a portable on-camera flash, or an affordable studio system, here's where you'll find what you need to know.

Great gadgets from tripods and camera bags, to handy storage devices, pocket-sized card readers and much, much more.

Classic & Historical Cameras
Detailed reports for the discerning collector and those who like to own and shoot with a piece of photographic history.

Software & Computers
The latest hardware and software that photographers need for editing, enhancing and archiving their valuable image files.

Paper & Ink
The consumables that you use can make all the difference in the results you achieve when you output your work.
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