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Our Shutterbug Photo of the Day is a stunning image from Douglas Croft.

“We followed this gorgeous female for quite a while as she patrolled her territory, then she waded into the river, pausing as if to say, get a good last look.” writes Croft.

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We can expect Virtual Reality videos to be the next big advancement in Internet entertainment. Always ahead of the curve, Google yesterday introduced its Jump camera rig—a tool designed to help filmmakers create innovative 360-degree VR videos for YouTube that can be viewed on Google’s Cardboard VR headset. The Jump is a circular VR frame that uses 16 GoPro Hero4 cameras working in unison and set vertically (side by side) along the outer edge of the ring. 

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If you’ve ever taken something apart to make it better, or enjoyed building something from Lego bricks, you’re going to love the Platypod Pro. It’s the world’s most compact base for a tripod head, according to its label, but that’s selling it short—it’s really much cooler than that. 

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Andrei Duman shot this beautiful, ghostly image in Kolmanskop, a German ghost town in the Namib Desert in Southern Namibia, Africa. The town was once the heart of a diamond rush in the 1900s that drew hordes of German miners. But when the diamond fields dried up after World War I, the miners left the town and it was abandoned in 1954.

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Photographer Jordan Matter captured this image of dancer Michaela DePrince in Becket, Massachusetts, as part of the Jacob’s Pillow Dance Festival. “I saw the road as I was driving to meet Michaela, and I suddenly had the idea of her backpacking across the country,” Matter says. “I loved the wind of the road and the color of the gravel as it contrasted the green of the trees. The dog, however, was pure serendipity".

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Shutterbug was fortunate enough to secure a loan of a pre-production version of the much-anticipated EOS 5DS R DSLR for testing and we were off and running with it as soon as it arrived. You’ve no doubt read our earlier report about this camera and its nearly identical twin the 5DS, each boasting a whopping 50.6MP full-frame sensor, which makes them the world’s highest resolution full-frame DSLRs

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Our Shutterbug Photo of the Day is a beautiful shot by James Lewis of autumn leaves bathed in muted colors with one sharp pop of bright red in the center.

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The ONA Roma Camera Insert: If your just packing your DSLR and a lens, the Roma Camera Insert from ONA can easily transform any bag into a protective space for your gear. The Roma won’t replace a camera bag but it’s a good solution for short trips where only your camera and a lens are needed. The Roma also has five exterior pockets that’ll help keep your stuff organized. It is available in black and handcrafted from waxed canvas with leather side handles for easy removal.

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I got a lot of feedback – mostly positive but with a few spirited rejoiners – to last month’s editorial “Smartphones (Still) Can’t Compete with Great Camera Gear,” that I feel I should “double down.” Again, this isn’t a knock against using smartphones for shooting images. As I mentioned last month, I do it all the time with some pretty decent results. And many serious photographers are constantly turning to that little phone in their pockets and have produced many spectacular photos.

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Our Shutterbug Photo of the Day is a stunning portrait of a horse by Johnny L. Smith.

“While driving around today, I came across a herd of wild horses (Mustangs) in a residential area in the county where I reside. This horse was actually grazing on the sage and when I caught his attention. I liked the composition with the surrounding sagebrush so I began snapping away with my Nikon 800E.” writes Smith.


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