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Our Shutterbug Photo of the Day is a colorful and rugged landscape with rugged cliff walls and a lazy river.

“Lake Powell at the Glen Canyon Damn viewing the Colorado River,” writes Goldwood.

This image was captured with a Sony SLT-A58 DT 55-200mm f/4.5.6 SAM, 55mm, f/22, 1/125, ISO 200.

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Announced today and available 29-September, two breakthrough prime lenses from Tamron, a 35mm f1.8 and 45mm f1.8. Both lenses offer close focus (7.9 and 11.4 in. respectively) and both are compatible with full-frame and APS-C sensor DSLR cameras.

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If there’s a more challenging photographic discipline than wildlife photography, I don’t know what it is. It requires heavy and expensive long focal length lenses, a sturdy tripod, and the physical prowess to schlep all this gear through physically demanding environments. If you’re thinking “that’s not you, Joe,” you are correctamundo so I asked a few friends for advice on telephoto lenses and this is what they told me.
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Our Shutterbug Photo of the Day is a tranquil landscape featuring a colorful bed of wild flowers and a moody, cloudy sky reflected in still waters.

“This is a photo of Luna Lake near Alpine, AZ. at sundown,” writes Short.

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Like it or not, gear is a part of the picture in the business of photography and video. While it’s not the whole picture, it can help one elevate their work.

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Our Shutterbug Photo of the Day is high energy, fiery image of a dancer.

“Invertigo Dance Theatre—a powerfully kinetic, whimsical, fresh dance company based in Los Angeles,” writes Bennett.

This image was captured with two strobes at the rear of dancer with orange gels and one large softbox at the front left of dancer. 

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Kamchatka, Eastern Russia: I am standing at the crater rim of the active Tolbachik volcano, taking pictures. Suddenly the volcano spits out a red-glowing lava bomb that is heading precisely in my direction. Luckily enough it doesn’t hit me but lands just by my side. Although afraid at first, I delightedly grab my camera: this is a rare opportunity to take close-up shots from still very hot and glowing cinder bombs.

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My best friend’s daughter just left to study design in Europe and was given the standard litany of safety precautions by her parents. One city she’s visiting is notorious for street thieves—pickpockets and their ilk—so she was advised to be extra vigilant. I won’t name the city for fear of maligning it as a risky place for tourists, but I will divulge that citizens there eat more pasta per capita than anywhere else in the world. Lots more.

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Our Shutterbug Photo of the Day by Neil Williams is a vibrant and painterly vision of a tropical sunrise.

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Lensbaby Spark: This lens is ideal for young enthusiasts, students or beginner photographers who want to break out of traditional photography. The Spark is a fun, affordable way to capture selective focus images with your DSLR camera. It features a unique selective focus optic and a tilting lens body—allowing users to capture creative images in-camera that have a sweet spot of focus surrounded by blur. It is an all plastic (except for multi-coated glass doublet optic) 50mm selective focus lens with a f/5.6 fixed aperture made for use with for Canon and Nikon DSLRs. Spark is compatible with the rest of the optics in the Optic Swap System, and with all Lensbaby 37mm threaded accessory lenses. The suggested retail price is $89.95. 


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