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There's something odd about the even years in the photo industry. While manufacturers no longer wait for trade shows to release products, as they did in the past, there's something about the even years that seems to bring forth the really major introductions and changes. It might be a hangover from the past, before the Internet was filled with rumormongers and those...

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Apple Aperture How To

by George Schaub

Apple's Aperture offers an all-in-one digital photography program that
can be used to download, view, edit, organize and output images. I've
been working with Aperture for a few months now and thought I'd share
some of the interesting features it offers. One is the...

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A Special Report from the PMA Show

Digital Image Sensor Update

The Promise of Even Better Image Quality Ahead

by George Schaub

In light of recent developments, and with products unveiled here at PMA, it's
clear that manufacturers are aiming their efforts at bringing outcameras...

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Photokina is one of the photographic industry's largest and most exciting trade shows and features the very latest developments in photographic and imaging technologies from around the globe. During the course of the show, which lasts about a week, the halls of the convention center become a beehive of activity with business people buzzing around the corporate booths for a...