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Zoner Photo Studio X is easy to learn, totally affordable and produces results as good as any other top-line photo editor—good enough to satisfy professionals. That’s the consensus of two ZPS X experts who happen to be successful professional photographers.

And they concur that Zonerama, the free, secure cloud storage and sharing playground for photographers and videographers of all levels, is a major added plus.

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Have you ever marveled at landscape photos shot with long exposures and ND filters, and said to yourself “This is too complicated for me?” The quick video below will correct this misconception and explain how easy this is to accomplish using a few basic tips.

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Lightroom is loaded with tools and special features, some of which change or are added every time there’s an update. So you’ll be excused for not taking advantage of everything this software has to offer.

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There are plenty of camera settings to consider for capturing the best possible landscape photos, depending upon the specific look you’re after. And one of our favorite pros insists that, “aperture is the most important stylistic instrument of all.”

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If you’re looking for a simple editing tool that will give your images exactly the look you envision, the tutorial below is for you. In less than five minutes you’ll learn how to use Lightroom’s Tone Curve to brighten or darken the tones of an images and create a variety of moods.

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Valentine’s Day is right around the corner, and a beautiful portrait of your partner makes a meaningful gift. If she wants to showcase her figure for more intimate shots, that’s not difficult to do.

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The SnapGrip Creator Kit from ShiftCam lets you hold your smartphone like a camera, charges the battery, lights up the scene and provides a stable tabletop support. It’s very well made and practically attaches itself.

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It’s not often we post a four-minute Photoshop tutorial with the power to prevent all kinds of frustration, but that’s what you’ll learn in the video below. In fact one highly respected pro insists “this tip saved my sanity,” and it could do the same for you.

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Have you ever come across the Color Calibration panel while editing an image in Lightroom but were unsure what these tools achieve and how they work? If so, the quick tutorial will set you straight by explaining how the the various sliders can but used for a variety of purposes.

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We all strive for photos that stand out from the crowd and hopefully convey a style all our own. In the quick tutorial below you’ll learn 10 pro tips and tricks for shooting images that don’t look like those captured by “the Average Joe with a mobile phone.”