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There’s one constant when shooting outdoor photographs: You’re always at the mercy of Mother Nature, and she’s anything but predictable. So you have two choices when weather is threatening or the light is less that ideal. You can either learn how to deal with it or go home.

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Macro season is in full swing, with colorful flowers, interesting insects, and other creepy-crawlies just about everywhere you look, so if you still haven’t dusted off your trusty close-up lens, now is the time.

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Those new to Photoshop are often overwhelmed by everything this feature-packed program can accomplish. The quick video below from the Adobe Photoshop YouTube channel is designed to shorten your learning curve in a big way.

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We’re lucky. Digital camera features improve at a lightning-fast pace, but our real needs as photographers increase at a slower, more rational rate. Most photo enthusiasts are rightfully content using a model that’s two or three seasons behind in the “latest and greatest” race because it has every feature they need and then some. This is particularly true with DSLRs, a category that has recently been deemphasized by manufacturers pursuing the mirrorless bandwagon.

What does all this mean to you? It means that the DSLR you longed for when it was first introduced a few seasons back is still a viable, exciting imagemaker, and now you can own it at a cost much lower than when it debuted. MPB, the largest global platform to buy, sell and trade used photo and video gear, has hundreds of DSLRs in stock and priced ready to sell. And because MPB recirculates more than 485,000 pieces of photo equipment every year, you can offset the cost of your purchases via trade-in.

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We’ve said this before and we’ll probably repeat it in the future: The notion that “you’re not a real photographer unless you shoot in Manual mode” is simply absurd. And there’s vast array of stunning imagery captured by acclaimed professional photographers that easily prove the point.

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One of the biggest challenges faced by landscape photographers is arriving at a proper exposure when shooting scenes with a wide-range of tones that exceed the dynamic range of their cameras. In such cases conventional camera-settings or editing methods may not be up to the task.

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The use of Selections in Photoshop is an oft-ignored technique because of a misconception by some photographers that it’s beyond their skill levels. Fortunately, the comprehensive guide below will allay your concerns, and get you up and running today.

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As a photographer, improving your photography workflow leads to more time for shoots, booking more clients, getting paid quicker, and ultimately, running your business more smoothly. 

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Peak Design just announced the presale Kickstarter launch of the Micro Clutch, a minimalist hand strap specially designed for today’s mirrorless cameras. Shutterbug had the chance to use a sample for a few weeks and it looks like PD has hit Pay Dirt once again.

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With many tasks in Lightroom there are several ways to get the job done—some easier and more effective than others. That’s very true with using presets: There’s the conventional approach and a better method, as you’ll see in the quick tutorial below.