You’ve Gotta See the Amazing Eye-Tracking Autofocus on the New Sony A9 Mirrorless Camera (VIDEO)

The new Sony A9 full frame mirrorless camera was launched last month to much fanfare. We’ve already shared a video showing how fast and stealthy this 20fps-shooting camera is and now here’s another clip demonstrating another impressive feature of the A9.

Along with offering a 693-point focal plane phase detection autofocus systems with 60 AF/AE tracking calculations per second, the Sony A9 can lock on a subject’s eye and follow it just about anywhere. This is a great feature for anyone who has thought they shot a great portrait only to find out later that the eyes are out of focus.

In the below video captured by a Japanese camera tester, you’ll see the subject move every which way while the an AF point stays locked on his eye. He even turns his back on the camera which sheds the AF point, but when he turns back around, the Sony A9 finds the focus point on his eye again. Amazing stuff.

We’re currently testing the Sony A9, which goes on sale on May 25, 2017 for $4,499, and we’ll let you know how this and other features perform in our hands-on review. if you want to get more acquainted with this mirrorless camera, read our Sony A9 preview.

Via Sony Alpha Rumors