Yay! 15 Fun Questions to Test Your Right to be Called a Photography Fanatic

Last fall we published a series of fun photography quizzes (here and here) and thankfully no one took them, or themselves, too seriously. Well, we’re doing it again. They’re a bit easier this time except for the first four and the last nine. Tell us how you scored in the comments. And no peeking at Google. Ready?

1. The word “algorithm” is used to describe
a) dance skills exhibited by former presidential candidate, self-proclaimed inventor of the internet and subject of the 2006 movie An Inconvenient Truth.
b) smallest member of the alligator family.
c) mathematical term sometimes used to describe highly structured calculations performed by cameras to determine focus, exposure or white balance.
d) first camera patented by Joseph-Nicéphore Niépce.

2. Which of the following is not considered a subminiature “spy” camera?
a) Minox
b) Kiev
c) Minolta 16
d) Tessina

3. EPOI is
a) starchy Hawaiian dish sometimes eaten with the fingers.
b) sound made by a baby whale searching for its mother.
c) abbreviation for Ehrenreich Photo-Optical Industries.
d) Electronic POI.

4. Which of the following was not the name of a 35mm film camera?
a) Bolex
b) Petri
c) Miranda
d) Rollei

5. Bit Depth is a term that is used to describe
a) amount of color data recorded in an image.
b) circumferential measurement of human bicuspid teeth.
c) precise setting of drill in a Texas oil rig.
d) beer in Australia.

6. Which menu pops up in Photoshop Creative Cloud when you hold down the Shift key and press the F5 key?
a) Who knows? I’m too cheap to use real Photoshop.
b) Unsharp Mask
c) Fill
d) Clone Tool

7. Why does some film bear the name “Safety Film?”
a) It’s been approved for viewing by all audiences.
b) It’s nonpoisonous and safe to handle.
c) It’s biodegradable and landfill-friendly.
d) It was not made from highly flammable nitrocellulose material.

8. Which Japanese camera company was the first to open a sales subsidiary in the US and discontinued the use of wholesale distributors?
a) Pentax
b) Minolta
c) Canon
d) Leica

9. Which of these chemicals was sometimes used in a photographic toning process?
a) Sienna
b) Selenium
c) Cadmium Sulfide
d) Nickel Cadmium

10. Which of the following was never the name of a 35mm film SLR camera?
a) Mamiya Sekor
b) Alpa
c) Topcon
d) Bronica

11. The word “Takumar” is to Pentax as “Zuiko” is to:
a) Zenit
b) Hassleblad
c) Olympus
d) Bell & Howell

12. What is the approximate diagonal measurement of one single frame of 35mm film?
a) 35mm
b) 43mm
c) 36mm
d) 24mm

13. Why does the answer to the above question matter?
a) The diagonal measurement of the film frame determines the “normal” focal length for that format.
b) It substantiates Boyle’s Law.
c) The diagonal measurement of the film frame determines the depth-of-field for that format.
d) It doesn’t. In fact, it’s a very dumb question.

14. The acronym ASIC is made from the first letter of the words in which of the following phrases?
a) Accreditation Service for International Cameras (replaced JCII)
b) Another Super Intelligent Camera
c) Arsenide Silicon Iso-Carbons
d) Application Specific Integrated Circuit

15. The name “Minolta” is said to be derived from Japanese words meaning:
a) “not Toyota.”
b) “almost as good as a Nikon.”
c) “bountiful rice fields.”
d) “too many nightclubs, Arnie.”



1C, 2B, 3C, 4A, 5A, 6C, 7D, 8B, 9B, 10D, 11C, 12B, 13A, 14D, 15C.


—Jon Sienkiewicz