The Wish List: FotoSharp’s Camera Rain Covers

Made in the USA from durable, lightweight Silnylon fabric, FotoSharp’s Camera Rain Cover is a great gift for photographers who love to shoot in the great outdoors in any kind of weather. Available in three versions (Original, Camo and Pro) and four color choices (white, black, universal and olive camo), these covers protect your precious camera from damaging rain, dust and snow.

Quick and easy to use, the covers fit most size cameras from DSLRs (with a lens attached) to small pocket size models. The camera's flash can be used with the cover on and you shoot handheld or with a tripod.

The Original model is available in three sizes: 8-inches ($19.95), 12-inches ($23.95) and 16-inches ($27.95).

The Pro model is available in five sizes: 12-inches ($29.95), 16-inches ($34.95), 20-inches ($39.95), 25-inches ($44.95) and 30-inches ($49.95).

The Universal Camo Pro model is available in five sizes: 16-inches ($34.95), 20-inches ($39.95), 25-inchds ($44.95), 30-inches ($49.95) and 35-inches ($54.95).

More info on FotoSharp’s Camera Rain Covers here.