Why Photoshop's Amazing New REMOVE Tool is a GAME CHANGER! (VIDEO)

This is the second day of the week, which means it time for another great episode of “Tutorial Tuesday” from the experts at Park Cameras—one of the leading photo retailers in the UK. Today’s topic is Photoshop’s powerful new Remove tool that you’ll learn how to use to clean up your work.

Instructor Gareth Evans is an adept instructor with an exuberant teaching style that makes his videos both informative and very fun to watch. In today’s lesson he explains everything you need to know for taking advantage of Photoshop’s new Remove tool, and he does so in seven minutes flat (jokes included).

As Evans explains, “Photoshop’s new Remove tool works a bit like the Spot Healing brush, but so much better.” That’s because it has a lot more power when it comes to eliminating distracting objects from a photo, whether they’re a fence post emanating from the subject’s head, unsightly trash on the ground, or anything else you find objectionable.

Evans explains how this versatile tool works, how easy it is to use, describes any minor limitations, and demonstrates how to employ it for just about any photos you shoot, He’s so enthralled with this new capability that he calls it a “game changer.” After giving it a try we think you’ll agree.

This tool is found in the upper left of the screen in the panel with the Spot Healing brush and a few other options. He begins with an image of a camera on the ground that he wants to remove from the shot. You’ll see what happens when he first uses the Spot Healing brush and then the new Remove tool to accomplish this straightforward task.

As you’ll see, he results speak for themselves. The Spot Healing brush seems to work pretty well, until you zoom in on the image and see that the photo is far from ideal. What he achieves with the Remove tool, on the other hand, is a really clean image with no visible artifacts.

As Evan’s put it, “You’d never know the camera was there.” He then pulls up a few other images to demonstrate the finer points of using the Remove tool, with equally good results. And if you run into a glitch, he has straightforward solutions for solving the problem.

There’s a lot more to learn on the Park Cameras YouTube channel, especially on Taco…I mean Tutorial Tuesday, so be sure to pay a visit.

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