What the F-Stop?: Learn All About Aperture in This Informative Video

If you want to brush up on a key basic about photography, the below video on aperture by Mark Holtze is a great place to start. (Or a great place to return to if you simply need a quick refresher about aperture and, let's be honest, who doesn't?)

While Aperture forms one part of the so-called Exposure Triangle – which also includes Shutter Speed and ISO – Holtze believes it’s the most essential element.

"Of course, ISO and shutter speed are important but when it comes to controlling the look of your image, aperture is both king and queen," Holtze says. "And royal as it may be, it's also the most complicated."

Watch the 10-minute primer on aperture below where Holtze explains, in a clear and engaging way, all about "the gateway of light that enters your camera" and "where those seemingly random F-Numbers come from."

After you watch Holtze's video, go check out and subscribe to his informative YouTube channel. You should also watch these three camera basics tutorials with more details about the exposure triangle:

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