We Show You How to Shoot a Stunning Time-Lapse with a Motorized Slider (Shutterbug Video)

Time-lapse videos are all the rage these days but there’s much that separates a decent time-lapse from a great one. One thing that can help set your time-lapse apart is to feature some type of movement in the video to give it a more dynamic look. And one way to add movement is by using some type of camera slider.

But not all sliders are created equal.

In our latest Shutterbug How-To video (embedded below), photographer Justin Jung tests out the brand new Lynx motorized “smart” slider from Cinetics.

The Lynx, which recently passed its Kickstarter goal of $100,000, is made for time-lapses, animation, visual effects, and panoramic photography. It’s a programmable motorized slider that’s designed to be “ultra smooth,” while offering multi-axis motor control for making precision video moves.

The retail price for the full Lynx Three Axis Slider kit is $1,999 but you can save $500 on Kickstarter until 2pm on May 5th.

While final pricing has not been announced yet, a Kickstarter pledge of $999 would get you the motorized slider kit, and a $1499 pledge would qualify for the full Three Axis Slider kit.

Check out the video below where Jung explains how to use the Lynx and then puts it through its paces to shoot some eye-catching sample clips. And don’t forget to subscribe to Jung’s YouTube channel for more tutorials, and to Shutterbug’s YouTube channel for photography How To videos and gear reviews.