Watch Wildlife Photographer Michel d’Oultremont Hunt for a Perfect Shot in the Mountains (VIDEO)

Michel d’Oultremont is a Belgian wildlife photographer who clearly understands that patience is a virtue when stalking wild beasts. In the dramatic video below you’ll follow d’Oultremont as he hunts for a money shot of a bison in the Carpathian Mountains of Romania.

As you’ll see in the video, d’Oultremont often waits for days before an opportunity for the “perfect shot” arises, but when it does he is always poised and ready to capture the action.

This video comes from the National Geographic Short Film Showcase series, which spotlights the works of notable filmmakers. We earlier posted another short film in the series that illustrates how light pollution affects photos of starlit skies, and you can find much more on the National Geographic Short Film Showcase website.