Watch What Happens When a Grizzled Photographer and a Beautiful Model Switch Places (VIDEO)

It’s July 5th and a lot of folks in the U.S. are just coming back to work after celebrating Independence Day. And yes, it’s been hard to concentrate today after downing hotdogs and cold beer and watching fireworks explode over our heads the night before. So why not watch a fun photography video to lighten the back-to-work doldrums?

To that end, take a gander at Matt Granger’s latest humorous photo video, titled: "Model vs Photographer - (Roles Reversed)." Along with having a few laughs at seeing Matt trying to act sexy while being photographed by his pretty model Stephanie Pham, the video is also educational because it forces us to see what it’s like when the shoe is on the other foot

There are also some good lessons for novice photographers and, not to mention, novice models. Enjoy!

Via Matt Granger's YouTube channel