Here Are Some of the Best Ways to Sharpen Your Images in Photoshop (VIDEO)

Everyone want nice crisp images, right? But there’s a difference between “crisp” and “crispy” as you’ll learn in the video below. Photoshop offers a variety of sharpening tools, filters and techniques, and this tutorial explains the best approach for various types of photos.

Photoshop expert Kelvin Pimont of Kelvin Designs explains the difference between Photoshop tools like Unsharp Mask and the High Pass filter and tells you when each works best, depending upon the image you want to sharpen.

You can find more helpful videos on the Kelvin Designs YouTube channel, and don’t miss another Kelvin tutorial we shared earlier this week on using Photoshop to make dull images “pop.” Be sure to check out an earlier sharpening tutorial from another Photoshop expert with a somewhat different approach.